Fliegenwerfer GFF 2014

Eoin Fairgreve

Eoin Fairgreve (Scotland)

Eoin is a multi certified Spey casting master of both single handed and double handed fly rods. He is, for many fly fishermen, rightly known as one of the best Spey casters in the world. At our festival he will, with word and deed, demonstrate Spey casting with the double-handed rod and provide useful tips and information. A full time master of his craft!

Eoin Fairgreve website



Paul Arden

Paul Arden (Hungary)

Paul, as operator of the world famous Internet forum Sexyloops is often called Mr Sexyloops. His tight casting loops are the standard for many casting instructors throughout the world. Paul lives fly-fishing 365 a year. Forming fine loops and especially teaching different casting techniques together with his vast fishing knowledge are his specialities. At our festival Paul will demonstrate single handed distance casting. 

Paul Arden website.

Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie (Ireland)

Robert is a certified Master Instructor and one of the world's most prestigious casting instructors with double-handed rods. He has demonstrated his high level of skill on numerous occasions. When it comes to salmon fishing and fly tying Robert is a widely recognized expert! At our Festival Robert will demonstrate casting double-handed rods in the Fulcrum style. 

Robert Gillespie website


Lee Cummings

Lee Cummings (England)

Lee is a certified Master Instructor and one of the world's best Speycasters. His great strength lies in teaching of the Spey casts with all the subtleties that really make a difference! We are delighted that Lee will demonstrate single-handed Spey casts, as well as being the point of contact for this area at our festival. Lee is also a recognized expert in the distance casting! 

Lee Cummings website


Lasse Karlsson

Lasse Karlsson (Denmark)

Lasse is a multiple certified Master instructor and one of the world's best distance casters with a single-handed rod. He has proved his distance casting abilities in many competitions, including the world championships. We are pleased that Lasse will manage our tournament "GFF Masters", as well as demonstrating distance casting! 

Lasse Karlsson website



Chris Rownes

Christopher Rownes (Switzerland)

Christopher is a certified Master Instructor and has a wealth of experience in teaching. For many years, Christopher has presented very successful international fly-casting courses. He has also great experience and knowledge of many international waters! We are pleased to have Christopher for a casting demo with the single-handed rod and as the contact for casting problems at our show!

Christopher Rownes website


Stener Skogmo

Stener Skogmo (Norway)

Stener is a member of the G-Loomis Pro Staff team and one of the best double-handed casters in the world. His casting demonstrations are simply among the best. Even at the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club in San Francisco Stener's casting demonstrations considered outstanding! Stener is a recognized salmon fishing expert. At our festival Stener will demonstrate casting double-handed rods in the Scandi style. 

Stener Skogmo on facebook

Lars Christian Bentsen

Lars Christian Bentsen (Denmark)

Lars is a certified Master Instructor and one of the most experienced examiners of casting instructor exams at the "International Federation of Fly Fishers." In the area of coastal sea trout fishing Lars is also a recognized expert. We are pleased to have Lars for the demonstration of the shooting head casting with a single-handed rod and contact partner for problems at our festival! 

Lars Christian Bentsen on facebook


Bernd Ziesche (Germany)

Bernd Ziesche (Germany)

Bernd lives fly-fishing. He is a multi certified Master Instructor & recognized expert on fly fishing in general and specifically for sea trout, salmon, mullet and pike. Bernd has fished very successfully in many places, from the Caribbean to Scandinavia, England, Slovenia, Austria, Montana and Canada. Bernd's greatest strength of is teaching fly-fishing, particularly fly-casting! 

Bernd Ziesche website


Bart de Zwan (Netherland)

Bart de Zwan (Netherlands)

Bart is a very innovative fly-casting expert and always good for a world-class distance cast! Bart is a certified casting instructor and has cast with many international casting experts. At our festival Bart, together with Lasse Karlsson will run our tournament -"GFF Masters". At the GFF in 2008 Bart made the longest cast by far, when demonstrating (as a judge), out of competition! 

Bart de Zwan on facebook


Bas de Bruin (Netherlands)

Bas de Bruin (Netherlands)

Bas is a certified Master Instructor and a very renowned teacher. Together with Sepp Fuchs, he leads the Fly Fishing School "Modern Flycasting" in the Netherlands. Bas has attended many international trade fairs and events and his great casting demos have played a large part in the spread of fly-fishing. We are pleased to have Bas for a demonstration of the single-handed cast and as a contact for learning this at our festival.

Bas de Bruin webseite

Hendrik Wiegand (Germany)

Hendrik Wiegand (Germany)

Hendrik aka "The Belly Boat Man" has significant in fly-fishing from belly boats. In addition, Hendrik is an excellent fly caster with a single-handed rod and a very experienced fly tyer. At our festival Hendrik will demonstrate fly casting and fly fishing from a belly boat and will serve as a contact person in this area.

Hendrik Wiegand on facebook




GFF 2014 Flyer (vergrößerbar)
GFF 2014 Flyer (vergrößerbar)

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