Referenten GFF 2014

Walter Resinger

Walter Reisinger (Austria)

Walter is a recognized expert in the integration of entomological expertise into fly-fishing. He has a great del of experience in dry flies, nymphs and streamer fishing on many rivers in Austria. He is co-author of the book " Entomologie für Fliegenfischer ", which is considered among the best works of its kind! At our Festival Walter will be giving a lecture on entomology relevant to fly-fishing. 

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Manfred Raguse

Manfred Raguse (Germany)

Manfred is one of the highest regarded experts in salmon fishing. For over 40 years Manfred has fished every season on the Gaula, Norway. The Norwegian Flyfishers Club (NFC) that he founded is legendary. Manfred has also consistently been very successful in putting his high level of skills in salmon fishing to the test on many international salmon rivers. On our fly fishing show Manfred will talk about salmon fishing. 

Manfred Raguse webseite

Marc Skovby

Marc Skovby Petersen (Denmark)

Marc works full time at the Danish Institute for rearing salmon and sea trout on the Skjern Au. From here, many rivers of Denmark are supported by restocking. In addition, Marc is a passionate fly fisherman and fly tyer. His specialty - salmon fishing! At our Festival Marc will talk about the salmon fishing on the Skjern and his work in the stocking program.

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Heiko Döbler

Heiko Döbler (Germany)

Heiko has, very successfully, been fishing for sea trout in German and especially Danish rivers for many years. In this regard he is a recognized expert. In addition, Heiko has also a great deal of experience in sea trout fishing on the coast. Heiko has also proved himself to be a competent contact person for fishing from a kayak. At our festival Heiko will talk about sea trout fishing in rivers.

Heiko Döbler website


Frank Möbus

Frank Möbus (Germany)

Frank is both a literary scholar and a fly-fisherman. This connection provides the basis for Frank's highly successful by (fictional) works: iMago - stories about fly-fishing / Das Angelwunder von Buchstadt an der Simse. /Quellwasser - A sinister story about fly-fishermen (and other anglers) / Das Fliegenfischer-Forum-Buch1 - Many stories on the other side of angler talk. At our festival Frank wil provide many anecdotes from his fly-fishing life. 

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Kai Stoss Kalahari

Kai Stoß (Germany)

Kai Stoß is a well experienced fisherman who has fished african and carribean waters for many years. He started fly fishing in his early youth and has fished ever since. On our fly fishing show he will give insight in his wide experience in fly fishing the Seychelles. Great impressions along with the best hints are offered here.

Kai Stoß website



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Trond Syrstad (NOR), Daniela Misteli (CH), Eoin Fairgreve (GB), Andy Weiß (D), Johan Put (NL), Paul Arden (H), Lasse Karlsson (DK), Christopher Rownes (CH), Ida Strömstad (NOR), Mikael Frödin (SWE), Walter Reisinger (A), Robert Gillespie (IRL) und viele mehr kommen zu uns!

GFF 2014 Flyer (vergrößerbar)
GFF 2014 Flyer (vergrößerbar)

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