Fliegenbinder GFF 2014

Andy Weiß

Andy Weiß (Germany)

Andy is a recognized for his continuous innovation in the field of fly tying. He ties flies for many areas such as pike, salmon and sea trout fishing, fishing in tropical salt water, and many more. Andy has demonstrated his art very successfully at many international exhibitions. At our festival Andy will present his latest creations. 

Andy Weiß on facebook



Johan Put

Johan Put (Netherlands)

Johan started fishing in his early childhood and has wet his flies in many different waters. He is an internationally recognized fly tying expert with a special focus on tying super realistic looking imitations. Johan has already demonstrated his high level of skill in many international fairs. At our fly-fishing fair Johan will demonstrate his skill of tying super realistic flies. 

Johan Put blog


Holger Lachmann

Holger Lachmann (Germany)

Holger is one of the most innovative fly-tyers on the scene and is well known for great "Step by Step" Tying instructions with his blog "The One Fly". Holger has already demonstrated his tying art at many international fairs. Holger has also been successful in many fly-tying competitions. At our fly-fishing fair Holger will present his art focusing on sea trout flies. 

Holger Lachmann blog


Andreas Andersson

Andreas Andersson (Sweden)

Andreas, having started fishing from an early age, left out no opportunity to fish many different bodies of water in Scandinavia with the fly rod. In the area of fly tying, he is a recognized expert in tying flies with deer hair.  This is tying with creativity and technical skills of the highest level. At our German Fly Festival, Andreas will present his innovative deer hair flies. 

Andreas Andersson on facebook


Hans Weilenmann

Hans Weilenmann (Netherlands)

Hans is an internationally recognized master of fly tying with a particular focus on the smallest flies. Some are so tiny that it seems that only the fish can see them! Hans has demonstrated his tying art at many international fly-fishing trade shows in Europe and America. At our German Fly Festival Hans will present his smallest flies. On Hans' website there are currently almost 5000 Fly patterns shown (with tying instructions)! 

Hans Weilenmann website

Mike Townend

Mike Townend (England)

Mike started fly-fishing at a very early age. He also discovered his passion for fly tying. Mike has demonstrated his high tying skills at many fly fishing shows. His speciality is tying classic salmon flies, as well as highly some innovative creations. At our German Fly Festival Mike will present classic salmon flies with his personal touch. 

Mike Townend on facebook

Marc Skovby

Marc Skovby Petersen (Denmark)

Since early childhood, Marc has fished with the fly rod and has, up to now, successfully fished in many countries worldwide for many species of fish. Marc discovered his great passion for fly tying very early as well, and he is now one of the best fly-tiers - not in only Denmark! Marc will be tying pike and salmon flies at our festival. Pike & salmon fishing are among Marc's specialties! 

Marc Skovby via Future Fly website


Christian Kuchelmeister

Christian Kuchelmeister (Germany)

Christian has fished the fly since his early youth. It has always been his repertoire to tie as perfect as possible replicas of insects located both on and in the water. Today, Christian is one of the most successful fly-tiers in Europe. He has also been very successful at numerous binding competitions!


His specialty is tying nymphs, dry flies and streamers, which are what Christian, will demonstrate our fly-fishing fair.

Ulf Sill

Ulf Sill (Sweden)

Ulf lives in Sweden on the famous salmon river - Morrum. His great passion is fly-fishing for salmon and sea trout. In addition to many large salmon that Ulf has caught in the last 20 years, he has refined his tying technique, particularly salmon and sea trout flies. Ulf is now one of the most accomplished tyers in this area! At our GFF Ulf will demonstrate tying special tube flies. 

Ulf Sill on facebook

Daniala Misteli

Daniela Misteli (Switzerland)

Daniela is the youngest presenter at our festival. She has fished in many waters, spread out over countries like Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Russia (Kola), and even Kamchatka. Her biggest passion is fly tying, and so it is hardly surprising that she has earned, at her young age, her place in the Team German Fly Festival! At our Festival Daniela will surprise us with her latest creations. 

Daniela Misteli website

André Miegies

André Miegies (Netherlands)

André has fished with great success with the fly rod for many years. He has pursued fly tying to absolute perfection and has become one of the most respected fly tiers in Europe. He has demonstrated his tying skills in many countries, such as England, Ireland, Belgium and Norway. At our festival André will present his best salmon flies and large streamers.

André Miegies webseite



Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie (Ireland)

Robert is an internationally recognized expert in teaching fly-casting and fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon. Robert is also a true master in Fly Tying! At our festival, in addition to his casting demo, Robert will tie his practice proven salmon flies and provide help based on his wealth of fishing experience. Talk to him face to face about salmon fishing and / or fly-casting! 

Robert Gillespie website


Walter Resinger

Walter Reisinger (Austria)

Walter is an internationally recognized expert in the field of fly fishing entomology. As co-author he decisively contributed to the success of the book "Entomolgie für Fliegenfischer"! Walter is a very experienced fly fisherman and fished many different waters - particularly with dry flies, nymphs & streamers. At our Festival Walter will provide a close look at his high art of fly tying to all visitors.

Walter Reisinger on facebook

Hendrik Wiegand

Hendrik Wiegand (Germany)

Hendrik is well known to many fly fishermen through his numerous tying presentations at many national and international fly-fishing trade shows. In addition to his presentation of belly boat fishing, at our festival, Hendrik will demonstrate his high level of tying skills in the field of dry flies and trout streamers. He is also happy to discuss belly boat fishing at any time.

Hendrik Wiegand on facebook


Mikael Frödin

Mikael Frödin (Sweden)

Mikael is an internationally recognized expert on fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon, as well as for tying classic and modern salmon flies. His books and other publications on the subject are as legendary as his successes at many international fly-tying competitions! At our festival Mikael will teach tying salmon flies in a workshop. In addition, Mikael will present a tying demonstration of a special kind. It will be interesting! 

Mikael Fröding website


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Trond Syrstad (NOR), Daniela Misteli (CH), Eoin Fairgreve (GB), Andy Weiß (D), Johan Put (NL), Paul Arden (H), Lasse Karlsson (DK), Christopher Rownes (CH), Ida Strömstad (NOR), Mikael Frödin (SWE), Walter Reisinger (A), Robert Gillespie (IRL) und viele mehr kommen zu uns!

GFF 2014 Flyer (vergrößerbar)
GFF 2014 Flyer (vergrößerbar)

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